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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

National Nutrition Month: Put Your Best Fork Forward

Forks are by far the most interesting of all eating utensils.  So functional, so sharp and so daring.  When it comes to food and nutrition, do you consider yourself functional, sharp and daring?  I think we could all use a little polishing when it comes to our eating and nutrition skills, so here's a few suggestions to help you put your best fork forward:
Put your best fork forward by incorporating a few simple but powerful changes in your eating routine.
Go for the best balance. 
  • Best balance means aiming for a protein, grain, fruit and veggie at each meal 
  • Best balance means balancing your hydration status by drinking more water.
  • When a snack attack hits, balance your nutrition by eating a fruit or veggie first. 
Go for the best flavor. 
  • Try tasting your food before salting it. 
  • Try a new fruit or veggie this week.
  • Try a new ethnic flavor like ginger, turmeric, cumin or tarragon (search for recipes by ingredient here)
Go forward with best eating habits. 
  • Try upping your manners at mealtimes by saying say please and thank you and chewing with your mouth closed. Take smaller bites
  • Don’t inhale your food, take a little time to savor and enjoy your meal, don’t inhale it. 
  • Pay attention to your body’s hunger and fullness signals by eating when you’re hungry and stopping when you start to feel full. 
Go forward - literally. 
  • Try to walk a little faster or farther today.
  • Try a new exercise like yoga, bokwa or groove.
  • Try a few extra reps in your current workout or simply turn up the tunes when you clean the house and see how much more active you'll be.
In short, put not only your best fork, but best foot forward and see just how much more delicious and healthy your life will become!

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