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Monday, March 4, 2013

How healthy is your relationship with food?

How do you really feel about food, and how much power do you allow it to have over you?  Unhealthy food-relationships are much more common than you might think and often pop up in the so-called 'healthy' folk among us.  How can you tell if you have a healthy relationship with that tasty, nourishing stuff?  Ask yourself a couple questions:
  •  Do you eat differently in front of people than you do alone?
  • Do you alter the amount or intensity of exercise based on what you eat?
  • How often do you eat in front of a tv or computer screen?
  • Do you rely on hunger and satiety to determine when and how much to eat?
  • Do you count calories?
  • Do you compare what you eat with what others are eating?
To find out how your relationship scores, try an online quiz.   Here are just a few sites that offer quick, free food-relationship quizzes:

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