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Monday, April 11, 2016

Defeating Your Kid's Snack Attack

There are 2 basic categories when it comes to kids and snack time – on the go or portable snacks for the kids with sports or other busy activity schedules, and the routine, at-home or after-school snack.

Here are some things to consider for the on-the-go-sportster kiddos:

Hydration.  I’m always pushing water to keep kids hydrated, but there are going to be times (track, cross country, extended practices, etc.) when a bit more is required to keep them hydrated.  So when choosing a sports drink, it’s a good idea to make a natural choice and Bodyarmor fits that bill.  It is a natural sports drink with no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.  It is coconut water based, full of vitamins, potassium and electrolytes without all the excess sodium you sometimes find in sports drinks.  

To round out the sporty-snack, go with a half sandwich and a piece of quick fruit – grapes, apple slices or a banana.  Using some whole grain bread, some cheese or nut butter on the sandwich adds a touch of protein and the fruit will provide great nutrition along with some readily available energy. 

For the at-home snack, you’ve got a bit more creative leeway.  As always, the goal is that every time you eat, half should be plants – fruits and veggies.  Here are some examples of healthful snack combos:
·           cheese and crackers plus a carrot or clementine 
·           yogurt parfait with some berries or drained, canned fruit and a little granola for crunch
·           bowl of cereal (the ultimate simple snack) –just be sure to add some sliced banana or an apple.
·           homemade smoothies made of yogurt or tofu, a banana and some frozen fruit
·           chips and salsa with some frozen grapes
·          popcorn with apple slices dipped in peanut butter

Keeping it varied and keeping your kids involved in choosing and selecting their favorite fruits and veggies will be the key to not only a happy, but a healthful snack time.

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