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Friday, January 3, 2014

3 Positive New Year's Nutrition Resolutions

When you think about making new years resolutions, diet and exercise often top the list.  If you think about the way you make exercise resolutions you don’t focus on what not to do “I won’t sit on the couch as much, I won’t be a sedentary lounge-about” instead you make goals that add positive change “I will go to the gym 3 days a week or I will train for a race”.  However when it comes to diet, we often focus on the negative: “I will give up chocolate or sugar, or I will cut out carbs”.  Instead it would be much more productive, sustainable and enjoyable to focus on positive change to add in to our diet.  

3 things to add into your diet to get the most bang for your buck:
  • Drink 64 oz water daily - naturally crowds out soda or other less nutritious beverages (water bottle display)
  • Eat 9 fruits & veggies/day - naturally crowds out convenience, high calorie foods (produce display)
  • Add a few meatless meals to your weekly menu - helps increase the fruit and veggie intake, higher fiber, lower saturated fat = heart healthy/weight management friendly (beans, nuts, soy display)

Notice there is nothing hear about eliminating foods - even convenience, dessert or fast foods.  But if you really commit to adding in the healthy components of nutrition, the fun/play foods will recede back into the cameo role they should be playing in your diet. These changes keep you from feeling deprived, and is much easier to maintain longer than the second week of January, instead they become life-long habits that can improve how you feel now and increase healthy longevity.

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