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Monday, October 14, 2013

The After-School Sandwich Bar & Grill

If you and your kids are tired of the same old routine for after school snacks, try opening up the After School Sandwich Bar & Grill.  Tap into your kids creativity and possibly their competitive natures by setting out some:
  • whole grain bread or tortillas
  • nut butters 
  • cheese slices
  • dried fruits (raisins, or berries)
  • sliced fruits (apples or mandarin oranges)
  • grill pan, sandwich press or toaster
When a half sandwich or quesadilla involves protein from nuts or cheese plus some fruit and the whole grain from the bread or tortilla, you've got a nutritional knock-out that is just the right size for snack time.   Plus you're kids may come up with some creative and gourmet combinations.  For example:
  • grilled whole wheat tortilla, colby jack and granny smith
  • toasted wheat bread, almond butter, mandarin orange slices and a few mini-chocolate chips
  • peanut butter, dried berry panini
Let your kids (and your own) creativity run wild and with very little prep or clean-up you've got a fun, new after-school snack to add to your repertoire. 
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