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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Food Swaps & Other Healthful Tweaks

So many people fear eating healthy because they think that they'll have to throw all their favorite foods and meals out the window.  Not so.  With a little substitution and swapping, you can still enjoy delicious and festive food-occasions (and you won't miss those calories one bit). 

Here are some easy food-swap examples:

  • swap salsa for the chip or veggie dip
  • swap veggies & dip for the chips & dip
  • swap a green salad for the macaroni salad
  • swap fresh fruit for the frog-eye salad
  • swap angel food cupcakes for regular cupcakes
  • swap water bottles in the cooler for cans of pop
More food substitutions on my Studio 5 segment:

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