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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Amazing Avocados

Some of us shy away from buying avocados at the grocery store because we only need a few slices or half an avocado, and we know that the remaining half will only go brown and end up in the garbage. Well, no need to leave the fiber-rich, veggie known for it's heart-healthy fats on the produce display. Lets say you're planning tostadas for dinner. Dice up the half you'll use at the meal, then save the remaining avocado half with the pit in place. Fill a small bowl or container half full with cold water, place the avocado cut-side down in the water and keep in the fridge for up to a day.

Well, that might keep the avocado from going brown, but what to do with the remainder? Have a veggie sandwich at lunch, or make a California omelet for dinner the following night.

Ciabatta with swiss, avocado and some balsamic vinegar makes a great sandwich especially paired with some grape tomatoes and sugar-snap peas which are available year-round.
It may not be easy being green, but it sure is tasty!

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