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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Neighbor Gifts That Don’t Feed the Sweet Tooth

Besides the usual inundation of sweet treats this time of year, there are loads of other reasons to stop feeding your neighbor’s sweet tooth.  With almost 10% of the population suffering from diabetes, and 25% of seniors being diabetic, that is another reason to lay off the sweet gifts.  Also, there are more and more people trying to reduce the amount of added sugar in their diets, and the last thing they need or want is to be sabotaged by your succulent fudge, cookies, etc.   Does this mean you should never surprise someone with a dessert on their doorstep or give a box of chocolates every again?  Certainly not!  But, you can give a tasty gift to your neighbors without spiking their blood sugar. Here are some delicious ideas: 

  • Spice rubs or mixes. 
    Whether you purchase them premixed, or come up with your own inexpensive concoctions, the varieties are endless.  Here are a few links to my favorite homemade rubs:
    tennessee rubdown   creole seasoning blend  italian seasoning blend
  • Produce package: Citrus Snowman or Fruit basket. 
    One of my favorite gifts in December was a pineapple with a cute bow and a note.  It was such a refreshing interruption of the endless cookie-train.
  • Kitchen tool or gadget. 

    Who wouldn’t love a smooth, rust-free muffin pan, or a whisk that still has all it’s tines? 
  • Infused vinegars or oils with a few fun recipes to use them in. 
    You can buy them in gourmet food and kitchen stores or online or you can make these yourself. infused vinegar recipes
  • Nuts. 
    For those looking for a ready-to-go snack item, nuts are a great savory, crunchy option that is loaded with antioxidants, heart healthy fats, fiber and protein
Think outside the sugar cube this year and let your gifts reflect not only your generosity but your sincere wishes for a healthy new year.  

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