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Monday, November 28, 2016

This? or That?

There are so many food choices out there, that when it comes making healthy food choices, it goes way past daunting to downright discouraging.  It may be simple for me to say, instead of eating out or eating pre-packaged, processed foods, eat home-cooked meals full of fruits and veggies.  But it’s not always realistic to assume you can always pack the ideal lunch for school or work, or prepare a completely homemade, balanced breakfast or dinner every time.  So, here are some guidelines for knowing to eat this not that when it comes to some common foods most everyone has had in their kitchen at one time or another.

Cereal Choices: 
Raisin Bran - Go as simple as possible to avoid excess added sugars.  It's a great fiber choice and don't let the sugar from the raisins scare you off. It's added sugars we want to avoid.
Chex - Wheat will provide whole grains and more fiber than corn or rice.
Convenience Choices:
Soup - Sodium can vary a lot in canned soups, so choose the lowest sodium option
Frozen pizza - Check total calories as well as sodium content
Chocolate - Choose dark over milk for higher fiber and antioxidants as well as less sugar

Eating out is another opportunity to feel overwhelmed with food choices.  My first tip is to research your favorites sit-down and fast food restaurants.   

Eat this:
Grand turkey club 480 calories 24 g fat 1610 mg. sodium
Not that:
Roast turkey ranch and bacon 800 calories 34 g fat 2420 mg. sodium
Eat this:
Roast beef classic 360 calories 14 g fat 970m mg. sodium
Not that:
Beef ‘n Cheddar Classic 450 calories 20 g fat 1280 mg. sodium
Eat this:
Potato cakes (2 piece) 250 calories 14 g fat 430 mg. sodium
Not that:
Onion rings 420 cal. 21 g fat 1740 mg. sodium

Eat this:
Egg white delight McMuffin 250 calories 8 g fat 720 mg. sodium
Not that:
Big breakfast 750 calories 49 g fat 1490 mg sodium
Eat this:
Double cheeseburger 430 calories 22 g fat 1050 mg. sodium
Not That:
Double quarter pounder with cheese 780 calories, 45 g fat 1310 mg sodium
Eat this:
Hamburger 250 calories 8 g fat 490 mg sodium
Not that:
Chicken McNuggets 6 piece 270 calories 16 g fat 510 mg sodium

Chick fil A
Eat this:
Grilled market salad 320 cal. 14 g fat 600 mg sodium
Not that:
Cobb salad 500 cal 27 g fat 1360 mg sodium
Eat this:
8 count nuggets 270 cal. 13 fat 1060 mg sodium (honey mustard sauce 45 cal. 150 mg sodium)
Not that:
Chicken sandwich 440 cal. 18 g fat 1390 mg sodium

Convenience foods and fast food will most likely play a role (hopefully cameo-sized role) in our eating patterns, and choosing wisely will keep everything on track and in balance nutritionally. 

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