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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Healthy Fall Craves

 Fall means a new set of seasonal cravings – and there are plenty of nutritional benefits found in our favorite fall flavors.  


·      Apples – from reducing risk of cancers, diabetes, digestive problems, cholesterol levels, and cardiovascular disease, an apple a day really may be a health habit that appeals to us this time of year.  Apples contain pectin – a soluble fiber that helps reduce cholesterol levels and lowers your risk of many diseases.  They also contain quercitin – a flavanol that has anti-inflammatory and immune function benefits.  

·      Cinnamon/spices – as with most spices, cinnamon and it’s culinary companions are known for their anti-inflammatory properties.  But it also helps lower blood sugar levels and improve digestion.  

·      Pumpkin – Aside from the fabulous but somewhat obvious source of vitamin A, pumpkin also provides a decent amount of vitamin C and potassium.  Plus, the high fiber to calorie ratio means it keeps us fuller and healthier. 


Traditions are often the biggest triggers for our seasonal food cravings and the big one this time of year is Halloween.  Here are a few tips for keeping the candy crave under control without cutting it out completely and feeling deprived.  

·      Don’t buy to early.  Bags of Halloween candy can call to us fairly loudly from the pantry.  

·      If you buy early, store in the freezer.

·      Save your favorites and donate the rest.

·      Keep your stash in the freezer or out of sight in a pantry or cupboard so that it requires some deliberate choice to enjoy it – preferably in 100 calorie or less portions.