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Friday, June 13, 2014

BBQ Season = Savor the Flavor

Grilling is a healthy and festive way to enjoy dinner especially during the warm months but with a few tips and tweaks your grilling season can be even tastier and healthier. 

What is American's favorite grilled fare?
#1. burgers
#2. steak
#3. hot dogs
#4. chicken

My top two tips for grilling meat are:
1. Keep the grill clean and wipe with olive oil so that the food won't stick. This allows you to use leaner cuts of meat without the frustration of chiseling them off the grill and crumbling into your coals.
2. Keep a thermometer handy so you don't end up adding foodborne illness to the menu. This also helps keep you from over-cooking meats to dry oblivion.

Poultry: 165 F
Ground Beef: 160 F
Steak or Pork Chops 145 F

* Did you know that marinating your meat reduces the carcinogens formed from grilling?*

Think beyond meat when it comes to maximizing the nutrition of your next barbeque. Use the grill to get creative with your sides. Instead of the predictable side dishes of chips, potato and fluffy fruit salads that can bring a lot of extra fat, sugar and calories to your picnic table, grill some tasty and fresh sides. The most common side dishes prepared on the grill are corn potatoes so let's look at some other predictable but delicious options.

Grilled veggies make a great salad or side dish - grilled avocados, lettuce wedges and mushrooms with a light vinaigrette.
Grilled bread - top with diced tomatoes, garlic and basil for a yummy, smoky bruschetta.

Grilled fruit - pineapple wedges, mango wedges and stone fruit hold up very well on a grill. Drizzle lightly with a little honey and mint for a fresh and healthful dessert.

So whether it’s charcoal or propane, get out of the kitchen, boost your nutrition and savor the flavor of BBQ sesason.