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Monday, October 23, 2017

Controlling the Candy Craze

It’s on your co-worker’s desk, the stash in the break room, it’s in your kid’s backpacks and probably clogging up your pantry, to say nothing of calling your name from the grocery store aisle.  Candy is everywhere this time of year, so how do we navigate this real-life candy land?  You have to be proactive and intentional. 

Placement – if you’ve already stocked up for the holiday, where are you keeping it? Keep it stashed out of sight or reach.  I like the freezer since that really requires some real drive to get your candy fix. 

Replacement – instead of a candy dish, fill your bowl with sweet cherry tomatoes, or nuts.  Keep that fruit bowl out on the counter and make healthful choices convenient and appealing. 

Prioritize – If you don’t absolutely love it, don’t eat it.  Life is to short, and blood sugar too tenuous to waste it on mediocre sweet.  I much prefer a little bit of dark chocolate to an entire milk chocolate candy bar.  If it’s not your favorite, don’t waste calories on it. 

Plan – decide when and where you’ll enjoy your Halloween candy fix.  It might be a better idea to include one piece of Halloween candy in your lunch each day, than thinking about it all day long, and diving head first into the bag when your get home.  Take advantage of the small, portion-appropriate package size to help you moderate and quench those cravings in a small but satisfying way.

Candy isn’t evil, it just needs to be kept in the cameo category – making small occasional appearances in your diet instead of stealing the nutritional show. 

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