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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Trend Watch: What's New in the Grocery Store in 2017

Plant Proteins. 

Look for plant-based proteins popping up everywhere from creative uses for lentils and legumes to plant butchery (plant-based foods styled to resemble meat in taste and texture such as meatless BBQ ribs). And as ever, nuts and seeds will continue to take a leading role in healthy snacks.

Good Fats.  

Fats may be coming back into fashion.  Again, nuts and seeds fit this bill perfectly, but other foods that we are used to seeing low-fat will start reverting back to their full-fat predecessors.  Conjugated Linoleic Acid found in dairy fat may lower the risk of heart disease and prevent the growth of some cancer cells.  So watch for full-fat versions to show up in the dairy case.  

More Ethnic Flavors.  

As the world becomes more mobile, people take their foods and flavors with them.  Look our especially for more Middle Eastern and Eastern cuisine.  Anywhere from the spice aisle to the bakery to the frozen food section.


While not a new grain by any means as anyone who has driven through the midwest can attest, this whole grain may seem to be the new kid on the gluten-free-grain block.  High in fiber and protein, this may be a grain that starts showing up in breakfast cereals, chips and popcorn alternatives. 

Online Grocery Shopping.  

Traditional grocery shopping is far from obsolete, but nonetheless, traditional shopping is trending down as online, and delivery grocers are on the rise. 

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