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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Why see an RDN?

Ok, so I just posted that you already know how to eat (see Nonsense post).  You may be thinking, "hmmm, interesting business strategy here - she just convinced everyone they already know how to eat so why would we ever need her services?"  Well, the fact remains that most of you probably do, and I'll give you my top 5 list of:

Why does one need the expert services of a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist?  
  1. Recognition - Being so close to a situation sometimes blinds us from the realities.  You may not always recognize the eating, shopping and physical activity (or lack thereof) behaviors that are a part of your life and routine.
  2. Clarification/Information - RDNs can explain nuances, the why's and wherefores when it comes to how to select and prepare food to maximize nutrition.  
  3. Direction - Menu planning, grocery shopping, restaurant navigation and multiple other helpful skills and strategies may be challenging for some, and downright foreign to others.  RDNs help you find the resources you need to succeed in the skills of "relearning" how to eat.
  4. Accountability - Few things make us focus more than being accountable to a third party.
  5. Recollection/Repetition - Remembering and repeating and such keys to long term learning and behavior change.  Goals aren't achieved overnight and lifestyles aren't altered quickly.  Being able to check-in, get reassurance and motivation from an expert throughout the process is invaluable.  
A dietitian's services can be invaluable when it comes to relearning healthy eating habits.

So when you're fed up with all the nutrition mumbo-jumbo out there and ready to step off of the diet-industry's marketing-merry-go-round, give me a call, or text, or email, or tweet, or . . . you get the idea.  Information on my Pricing and Services

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